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This job is killing me...

by Chris

This job is killing me.

OK i got a situation i live in Texas and i wanna go to school but i work a 40 hr a week job with excellent pay, i pay child support but this job I'm at i work very hard for what i get. i wanna know if i am eligible to receive unemployment while i attend a full time barber school.

I just have to ask .. did you read anything on the main page about benefits and school?

Absolutely not Chris. Unemployment benefits are not a subsidy to attend school full time.

Unless the state gives you approval to get training after suffering a separation from a job .. which the cause can be attributed to the employer .. whether you quit or get fired.

Unemployment comes before school and Employment trumps school ..

Going to school for a new career is generally speaking, a personal choice .. not a necessity.

Oh .. and I know I have mentioned nearly everywhere on this website .. that one of the primary eligibility conditions you must maintain while collecting benefits without benefit of the unemployment department's approval for school is to be ..


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