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thought i was getting transfer come 2 find out im not


im frm Al and i have been working at the hospital 4 1 1/2 and i had told them i wanted 2 be transferred they said ok just put my notice in a month ahead of time.

Well I put my notice 2 months ahead of time so now i'm about 2 move in 1 week/ they said that i won't have a job, but when i asked them 2 weeks ago they said that i would be transferred.

so now I have somewhere 2 stay but won't have no job .so can u get unemployment 2jus tell you find a job jus didnt wnt 2 go nowhere no income.

Hi Emily,

Well this is confusing. Are you trying to say if you do quit, it will be because you are moving?

Why are you moving?

And might you explain how a transfer within, or to a different hospital is a part of your employer's policy and how a transfer would help you to keep your job .. in Alabama that doesn't allow a quit to move to be with good cause except possibly under certain conditions affecting the spouse of a military member, or attributed to the employer for refusing a reasonable request for a transfer as defined in an employer's policy and something to exhaust as an effort to preserve the employment .. maybe enough to meet your burden of showing good cause?


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