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Thrown Under the Bus

Director of company did not process his expense report in a timely manner (over $7k in expenses) and blamed me for not processing. I, however, worked for another team in another building and for months had not supported or communicated with this person. As such, I had no idea he even had expenses to process. He was reprimanded for not adhering to company policy re expenses and I was the sacrificial lamb who was fired.

Up until this point, I had received a positive review, a raise, asked by a vice president in the company to support an international team and never had negative feedback from my immediate boss.

Totally blindsided by this wrongful termination. The term 'thrown under the bus' is, unfortunately, appropriate in this matter.



Thoughts about what? How you can prove that it was not your responsibility to process this directors expenses incurred after you were no longer responsible to do so, to an impartial third party?

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Sep 28, 2010
Thoughts about what?
by: Katie

In response to your question as to how to prove it was not my responsibility to process this guy's expenses. The expense system is electronic; when responsible party uses his/her corporate AmEx card, reminders are sent to both the card owner and any administrators tied to the account. At one point I was tied to the account; however, I was 'untied' when my position changed. Not being a mind reader, I would have had no way of knowing expenses were pending. Proving that? Securing records and HR Handbook would be best method.

But, in reality, another wrongful termination goes by the wayside. And, another HR Director(who a Vice President once described as lacking the 'human' in her title) continues to rule her kingdom unscathed. Albeit with unhappy employees but unscathed none the less.

Then you definitely have a right to unemployment benefits and although it might require a subpoena of the electronic records which prove it was no longer your responsibility .. it sounds very winnable.

I am quite familiar with that sort of HR director. Some of them, specifically, the ones that are given the authority to rule the "kingdom" by the corporation, are what made me feel so very guilty every day of the week for "assisting" and ultimately the existence of

It's demoralizing to know you are assisting those who enjoy using their power just for the sake of using it.

And the weird thing is .. they always seemed to be women .. I can't say that I understand that phenomenon, but it was true in my experience.

I also get the "wrongful termination" thing. It's much easier to get on with your life when you can put that stuff in the past and the truth is that making an issue of it can damage your future.

Another rock and hard place.

It's also possible that they won't bother with a hearing .. but it doesn't mean they won't drag things out. I know, I've requested plenty of postponements for this type just to make the claimant miserable.

Sep 27, 2010
Thrown under the bus
by: Anonymous

From you comment I would think that you have proof you were wrongly fired! Sounds like you even had witnesses. If that was me I would sue for wrongful termination!

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