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by Tina
(Stuart, Florida)

I had my hearing and lost. My employer lied under oath. She stated that the project she asked me to work on was a legitimate project and that I was absent 16 times and late 13 times in 6 months. All lies, but the referee believed her. They had no proof to back up their claims.

I thankfully printed my time sheets from January until August when I was fired. I worked for this company for 3 years. I also have proof that what they asked me to do was fraud. I asked my attorney to handle the appeal and she wanted $500.00 to file, I had paid her $300.00 for the initial hearing and she did nothing. Also her phone disconnected while I was testifying. It has been a nightmare.

I just mailed my appeal to the UAC with my time sheets showing I was out 5 times with a doctors note and a subpoena for court, I was a witness to a crime and also the days I was late which was 6 times, two times my father was in the hospital. I also cited cases where the decision was overturned. It is not misconduct when there is an illness and you can prove it. I also enclosed my doctor's notes. Also my subpoena's from the State Attorney's office. I was also lucky that I was able to get copies of the projects in question. I wrote a letter to the Unemployment Appeals Commission along with all of my documents.

Just curious Tina. Did you submit all these documents for the lower level appeal hearing .. or did your attorney? What did the ALJ say when the attorney was disconnected during the hearing? Did they ask if you wished to continue the hearing? Did they ask if you wished to proceed without the attorney?

I'm asking because it all sounds way to funky to me. The employer's word is not proof that misconduct existed. It's unsupported testimony.

What will happen when they see my employer lied under oath? Does anything happen to her???

Also, how long until I find out their decision? I mailed it certified mail on Tuesday, NOvember 10, 2009.

Thanks for your help,

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