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To discriminate or not to discriminate

by jerry

I was fired for my job because they said that my time sheet did not match with that of the gps system that they have in all the company vehicles. they said my time sheet was 6.75 over for one pay period and then in prior months they said it was over by 41 hours. I worked for this pest control company for 8.2 years and they really never gave me a specific time to start or end my day and i worked in different cities and sometimes would leave early and get in late. they never showed me the gps and they have had the gps for over 2 years and just now really suggested that they pay attention to time. I had one other guy that worked with me but was not fired and he road and worked with me everyday but he was not fired and we had the same time sheet> Can I get unemployment? Also I noticed that when I for my last pay check that I Found out that one guy that had previously worked for the company had taken my position. what made this ironic was prior to my separation they had hired this guy and i had seen him around the office but did not think nothing of it because he did pest control inside houses before and never did my work as a termite tech. he was ired around 2 weeks prior to them letting me go. then i went to s.c. and come back and they let me go.

Hi Jerry,

I might be possible to get unemployment .. considering your co-worker was not fired (no uniformity of enforcement) and if they used GPS to nail you .. on the time variances .. I would think they would have to provide that at a hearing to at least help sustain their burden that misconduct occurred.

But I'm still wondering about the reference to discrimination ..


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