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to draw massachusetts unemployment,do you have to live or work in massachusetts to draw it?

To draw Massachusetts unemployment ,do you have to live in that state to get it?

If you are asking whether in order to get the high paying WBA .. yes, you would need to file a claim for which MA is a liable state.

In other words, if you lived and work in NH .. but now live in Mass, you can't collect Massachusetts very nice weekly benefits .. because NH is the liable you are claiming against ...

It use to happen when someone filed a combined wage claim in MA .. they might get the amount that Massachusetts would give per week whether they had any MA wages or not, but that loophole was closed at the beginning of 2009.

But let's say all your wages in your base period are in Mass, but you have decided to move to another state to look for work .. you would still get Mass benefits while living in the other state .. looking for work because Massachusetts is the liable state.

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