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too much socializing and inconsistent productivity

by Danny
(New Jersey)

I work for a consulting firm as a data entry person. They had numerous meetings about talking to co-workers and keeping productivity consistent and error-free. I think I was asked once or twice during private meetings to try and be more consistent and reduce my socializing. These meetings were for the 3 month reviews because it was a temp to perm position. I was recently called in and was told that I was socializing too much and that my productivity was not consistent so they fired me. However, I was moved to work on a new project at the time and I worked very hard there. Also, there was no way to track productivity on the new project so I don't see how that could have been an issue. I also talked to a co-worker now and then but it was not for long periods of time. I was told that I will have a phone interview for unemployment benefits, but I am afraid that I will be denied. Is there any way I can keep trying to get these benefits or do I have to just forget about it? Thanks!

Hi Danny,

If you are denied you do have the right to appeal the determination, however I am a little confused because I can't tell if the "last project" you worked on was the one you were fired from and if it was the same company that fired you.

You also said it was a temp position and I'm wondering who exactly you worked for...

If you got the temp job through a "temporary staffing agency" you were actually their employee and most states have special provision for temporary workers (including NJ) requiring you to contact the staffing agency for further work otherwise it is considered a voluntary quit....irregardless of the reason an assignment ended.

Being fired for too much socializing indicates a neglect of duties, which is misconduct if the employer can prove it, but this whole point is moot if you worked for a staffing agency and failed to contact them for further work.

If you'd care to elaborate on the point of whom you worked for that would be great. Another thing to keep in mind is it is the last or most recent job the state is concerned with.

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more information
by: Danny

Sorry for the confusion. The last project that I was working on was part of the same company I was working for. They are a consulting firm and within that firm they had numerous projects. The one I got fired from was the latest one that just started. I spoke to my co-workers for 1-2 minutes a time, I really wouldn't consider that too much socializing but I guess it is up to the company to decide that. Thanks for the reply and hope this helps. (oh yeah, I found this job through so I did not use an actual staffing agency) Thanks!!

If they moved you to a different project after your warnings...and then decided to fire you after you heeded their could appeal the determination if it denies you...stressing you were trying to the best of your ability to do the job as the employer wanted. My opinion is that they made a mistake by assigning you to another project and then firing you for your past performance if your contention is that you were doing everything they asked to improve your performance.

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