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Transfering a California unemployment claim to a different state

by Jennifer Paulish
(Chicago, IL)

I understand in the State of California your benefits will transfer if you move out of State. However, I have been unable to get a hold of someone to ask how.

I lived in San Diego and my lease was up in April, on unemployment I could no longer afford my lease on unemployment and I could not find another apartment that would lease to me without a job. I chose to move back to Chicago with a friend temporarily until I find a job. As mentioned prior I tried to get someone live to talk to about this and how it is done.

I tried to look on the internet to find more information on how to handle this and all I had seen was yes it can be done and the State of California allows it and notify them of your change of address. So I filled out the change of address on my bi-weekly sheet that I need to send in.

I e-mailed to see where's my check and was notified that my check(s) will be held until a phone interview on May 29. I am assuming this is because of my change of address. I emailed them again to see if I can get the information on what paperwork needs to be completed in order to expedite my transfer of benefits. Have not heard anything. What needs to be done and will my benefits be pro-rated for the time being held?

Please help.

Hi Jennifer,

It sounds like your move to Illinois has raised an issue of ... maybe Able and Available for work.

So I went looking for an answer about "why the phone interview" I suggest you or anyone else with this issue read the following.

Traveling in Search of Work and right below that Relocation

After I read that .. it prompted me to check unemployment rates .. just for the heck of it.

San Diego's rate as of March 2009 was 9.3 Chicago's was 9.4 I don't see why this would be a problem either. If you had chosen to move to one of the cities on the bottom of the list they might reasonably assume you had lost your mind.

My concern was/is they may ask questions about the labor market you've chosen to move back to .. after they establish good cause for moving.

You just need to acquaint yourself with how they determine this stuff.

When they finally make a determination that you are still qualified to receive the benefits .. you should get all that's coming to you as long as you keep filing continued claims. I have no idea why that date is so far off .. I suspect this is becoming a common occurrence and they are just really behind.

I could not find an applicable situation in the guide that addressed your specific reason to "move", but it certainly sounds like a logical compelling reason to me.

Good Luck Jennifer.


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