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Tried to Collect Benefits While Out For Surgery on My Foot

by Stephen

I had been suffering from a foot condition for over 2 years.

I finally got health insurance and went about the process of getting my foot looked at by a doctor. I was informed that I had to see a specialist, who over the course of 2 weeks did a 3 part operation on my foot.

I tried to collect unemployment for the two weeks I was out of work. I could not stand or walk on my foot.

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May 03, 2016
While you were out for surgery on your foot
by: Chris -

It makes sense if you were not allowed to that collect unemployment benefits in Connecticut, because that state doesn't have a temporary disability unemployment program that offers unemployment benefits while someone is on leave from work and not able to work.

To collect regular (the kind I specialize in) unemployment insurance benefits in any state, has a conditional requirement, as I've indicated in hundreds of answers about quitting and getting fired. Being able, available and trying to find a job is what you must be and do while collecting.

The latter requirement of the job search is also wisely documented in a job log. Important for no other reason except when documented, it is also proof of the required effort to find a job, just in case the state asks to see proof of it via a random audit, or a state includes the issue routinely on an unemployment appeal hearing notice .. such as Utah does.

A job search log is often found in a claimant unemployment handbook.

The reason I advise everyone to keep a log of job searches, is primarily because it can prove you were making a sincere effort to find a job.

And most importantly, it can be handy to have if anyone is interested in keeping a state from determining you need to repay benefits for any week you certified under penalty of perjury, that you were able and available to work, to accept a suitable job if offered, and more literally, actually complying with the state's job search requirements ..

Which of course a job search requirement is one of those conditional things that vary state to state, but also, one of the ways they can use to find those they can legitimately say .. GOTCHA before they send an overpayment determination.

I tell myself all the time .. Never again, will I answer a question that indicates someone didn't spend one second finding a former answer, to what is inherently so basic, to how regular unemployment insurance works.

But A&A is a conditional eligibility issue that can rear it's head at any point while someone is truly unemployed and sometimes not as simple to figure out as to how it should work .. as it was for Stephen.


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