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Trying to get fired in Fl

by Amber

I am a salaried supervisor for 4 years with the company in question. I desperately want to get termed and collect unemployment. The problem is I am too valuable, well respected, and despite my attempts too good at what I do to actually succeed.

Is there any specific circumstances that allow unemployment for "lapse of judgment"? Furthermore if an accusation is made (in general- regarding conversations about this ect) is it the responsibility of the ex employee or the company to prove it?

Hi Amber,

I can honestly say you are the first person to ever ask a question here that has pissed me off.

The burden of proof always lies with the "moving party".

I have intentional tried to avoid having to answer a question like yours, like the plague Questions asking how to get fired and get unemployment. And look who's asking .. a supervisor so valuable they can't manage to get their self fired on purpose.

It's such a premeditated thing to do.

I think it's lousy when employers plan a termination with the intention of proving misconduct or act in a way that causes someone to quit out of desperation and I don't feel any differently about employees who try to manipulate their situation either just so they can get unemployment.

It's a cheap shot .. considering how many people are out of work and unable to collect unemployment because they were fired for being sick or because their kids were sick or because the employer (supervisor) had an unpublic mandate to reduce cost by getting rid of people by firing them for cause.

Planning an inadvertent "lapse in judgment" is the epitome of willful, intentional and knowing misconduct.

Why don't you figure out what your good cause is for quitting your job if you're willing to go to such devious lengths and take your chances just like most other people.

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Jun 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

I wish i had a chance to speak with AMBER in person. I guess she didnt think about how lucky she is to be an appreciated Supervisor WOMAN, with a company for 4 years. I was a manager at my place of business for 6 yrs and i would like to think that i was excellent at what i DID. I was laid off back in March and now i am on unemployment benefits, but, they dont pay near what my salary was. How could she want to be termed. There are thousands of people who would love to have her job, single parents with no job, no unemployment, no money, losing their homes, cars, in some cases even losing there kids because they can no longer support them financially. This is what unemployment has done for some people. They think of it as a hand out, and a wait to just sit on your ass and collect a check. I hope she gets exactly what she wants, and then i hope what ever she does to get her self terminated will follow her the rest of her career. Then maybe, she will see just how stupid she is.

Dec 30, 2009
It's not what you think....
by: Anonymous

I'm just a new mom that has some separation depression and desperately wants to be an at home with her baby. I can't survive without the income.

Hmmmm. Do you think that makes you a special case?
Given the additional information you've provided you cannot collect unemployment because you have no intentions of seeking a job. You want to stay home with your new baby.

Do you realize that it is illegal to commit unemployment fraud and it is illegal for anyone to advise unemployment fraud?

It may not be what I think, but I only had your original question to go on .. and what you asked was for me to give advice about how to be deliberately fired .. No can do.

Is FMLA leave an option available to you? Did you spend 12 weeks with your newborn?

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