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Trying to go back to school

by Maria
(San Bernardino, CA)

I’m trying to go back to school with assistance from the EDD. Well I am not getting very far, all these programs that they have are unobtainable. I am almost running out of my last extension from my benefits, I have already done everything I was supposed to in terms of schooling except for enrolling bc I am waiting for the WIA to be approved (since 11/09, still waiting......) My school starts 2/22/10 EDD tells me that since I am close to the end of my benefits they will not grant me CTB (extended paid benefits while going full time to school) so basically the programs that are out there to help you gain a career are FALSE, I am now going to have to go to school with out any loan assistance or any help financially while attending. I have been looking for jobs while I have been off, I live in San Bernardino, CA there is no jobs out here and if there is they are fast food places, I would actually be making less than being on unemployment. I want to go to school to be an LVN and from there work my way to RN where I know there will be job security for the rest of my life. I have never been on unemployment or any kind of public assistance, but I am determined to go to school and I guess I will have to seek public assistance now to support my family while I go to school; I am very stressed about this. These so called training benefits from EDD have let me down.

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Apr 22, 2010
Unemployment and School
by: Anonymous

I am in California also, and I am having problems going to school. I still get unemployment I'm on my second extension. On the form where you must report starting school, and they cut you off for 5 weeks; do you know of anyone that did not report it? Do you know if they found out and how? Do you know what the punishment was. I am just taking a couple of classes and still looking for work. I do not want to quit school, but I think I have to.

Hi Anonymous,

I'm going to turn this into a regular question .. instead of a comment .. because unemployment and going to school is so relevant these days .. and I have a need to vent a little on the subject ..

So I hope you subscribed to my RSS feed instead of getting email notifications .. because I'm going to be venting more and more these days.

The practice of suspending benefits because someone has the audacity to gain or improve their skills for the jobs that do exist vs. finding a non-existent job for their present skills is just plain stupid and has nothing to do with turning our economy around.

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