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Trying to schedule consultation but site won't accept word verification!

by Val

I just paid $50 for a phone consultation & it was accepted but the follow-up form won't accept the word verification & I completed it correctly several times. I'm so stressed I need to advice about my situation soon, this seems to be the only way I can let anyone know since there is no number listed here. Hopefully, this site is not a scam & someone actually contacts me - I checked & I did not receive a confirmation receipt so I don't know how I'll be contacted now or whether a refund will be issued which is extremely disappointing - I've been searching online all day (lawyers, EEOC) & just when it appeared as though I would speak to someone who might understand & be able to point me in the right direction! This happens. Checked BBB but no record of company.

Exhausted & Frustrated,



I'll email you Val.

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Definitely not a scam!
by: Luis R. Fitch

Chris is by no means a scam, she is a very knowledgeable, kind person who makes much less than she should for the valuable advice she provides. I am a very satisfied customer!

Your welcome Chris!
by: Peggy Marie Johnson

That's funny that you said you can't believe I still read this stuff, however, I am learning so much from you and the excellent advice that you provide to people, in all situations. It's just amazing the horrible things that people are going through with their employers and the things that employers think they can get away with.

You are a wonderful person & may God bless you for all the good you do for helping others!

Just to reassure you!
by: Peggy Marie Johnson

I just wanted to let you know that this site is in no way a scam! Chris has helped hundreds maybe thousands of people with their unemployment & work related issues. Her advise is 100% trusted and for the record she has helped me to win my apppeal case with her advise.

I can understand your concern however, there is a prompt to contact Chris before she request payment for any detailed information that she may have to look into to get the answers according to the complexity of your case.

So, please be reassured that Chris will give you the best advise you will get to assist you with your concerns! Best Wishes to you & hope you succeed in whatever it is your attempting to resolve!

Please click on the links provided on this site for more testimonials and for questions and answers because they are are legit!

Chris is Heaven sent & I'm thankful I found her site!

Good luck!

Thanks Peggy, I can't believe you're still reading this stuff :)) But I appreciate the kind words and your vote of confidence.

Actually I took that form down on my page about services to which you refer because people kept using it to ask free questions instead of using the form on the main question page. And the people it was intended for never used it .. they just paid and filled out the form paypal redirects everyone to.

I just did a test on that form .. and it worked fine for me ..

Val, I just sent you a third email asking you again to respond so we can schedule a time to speak.


Val, I emailed you and now I'm posting another comment.
by: Chris

I'm not a scam, but you have to answer my email for us to get the ball rolling .. because I need information from you which that form is there to collect.

I also get nervous when someone gives me money and then I don't hear from them.

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