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UC for being fired for not working OT

I am wondering if i get fired for not being able to work overtime can i draw unemployment benefits. I am salary exempt employee and i cannot work weekends. If they did fire me can i still get UC benefits. Can you shed some light on this question for me?


If you're salaried you can't really work overtime.

And by the way .. refusing to work overtime is soggy ground and the refusal would have to be allowed by a state's "wage and hour" laws.

Use the search bar and type in TX appeal policy and precedent manual .. I know you are from TX because you emailed me too.

Additionally, why don't you try searching for questions that ask about quitting due to "childcare issues".

I might well be found that you actually quit by refusing to work .. unless you are able to prove you made every reasonable effort to obtain childcare for the weekend and informed the employer of this and asked for accommodations or a pass on the overtime until such time as you are able to secure childcare.

Who really let's themselves get fired because of this reason without trying to find a sitter?

I'm just saying that you have to make some efforts to get to work and to preserve the job to have any hope of collecting.

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