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UE Appeal due to Inability to Work

by H

I have an appeal coming up and not sure how to defend myself. I was receiving UE benefits with no issues. I was diagnosed with a health issue and need treatment. I informed UE of my sitauation and was told to "continue to file as usual". So I did. I figured I did my due diligence. Well I had a PT job (physically demanding) during this process which I missed work because of my illness. I fully cooperated with the investigator, providing documentation from my doctor as requested. Needless to say, within a month, I was ruled ineligible.They're going as far as to try and make me pay back the benefits I already earned!How do I defend myself and win my appeal? I know I'm being railroaded unfairly.

Hi H,

It will be more helpful to me if you focus on the reason the state gave you for the denial and subsequently having to pay back the benefits if you do not prevail at the appeal hearing.


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