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Un employed for 11 months with unemployment insurance, worked for a co. for 4 days and was let go who is reponsible for unemployment insurance?

Previoulsy I worked for a company for 12 years until being laid off. I live and worked in Illinois and I have been unemployed for 11 months. On Mon. of last week I started a new job and worked there for four days until beeing let go on Fri. because I wasn't what the company was looking for. Will I have problems collecting unemployment? Do I need to re-file? I will be getting a check for four days what do I need to do to make sure I get my unemployment insurance? Is the company that hired me for four days responsible for my unemployment insurance or my previous company. I had not let unemployment know about the four days yet because my call day is not until next Tues. for last week and this week of insurance. Would it be best to just tell teleserve the amount of the check when asked for it and keep it going. Not sure what to do.


One word .. the truth. Report the wages. report that you are no longer employed and why.

Even if doing so might cause a delay in benefits while they "check into the reason for separation" it is extremely doubtful you could have done something in four days to prove misconduct.

Illinois has this rule about employment of less than thirty days .. it behooves and employer to make a judgment about whether you are a good fit or not within that time frame.

And guess what, being fired for not being a good fit is not misconduct.

Your continuing claims ask all the questions, just answer them honestly.

It's better than screwing things up with a fraud issue.

No need to file a new claim .. just keep filing for continued benefits on the same claim.

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