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by Phil
(Stockton, Ca. USA)

Thank you,

I was not eligible for benefits because I was told that I voluntaritly quit my position. Here's the story. October of 2008 my mother became ill, had a severe stroke and eventually, my family decided to take her off of life support. I buried my mother in early november and went back to work on or about 11/08. When I came back my schedule showed that I was to work 16 consecutive days until Thanksgiving. I brought this up to my immediate supervisor and he said I was working the same schedule he was working and basically blew off my concern. I brought this up more than once to him to no avail. Prior to the emergency phone call in October, the dealership I was working at had been subjected to an alleged sexual harrassment incident. The new General Manager was involved. This made the working environment "different". The reason I'm bringing this up is the day I came back the General Manager (the accused) and the victim and I were in the sales tower and the General Manager made an intense description of the victims breast area. Now, coming back after the burial of my mom, the 16 consecutive days scheduled and the continuing sexual harrassment issue, I had had enough of the madness. I was not right mentally to come back to work nor was I going to put up with the sexual harrassment or the schedule so I talked with my supervisor told him what was up and he had my termination papers drawn up. The dealership eventually shut down 2 months later due to the economy.

Hi Phil,

You are going to have to check California's "labor code" and find out if what the employer was requiring was okay by California. I searched for "hours worked" and the results are here. Mind you this is just a starting point.

Sexual harassment of a female co-worker as good cause for you to quit. Ahhhh, I don't know. I'm directing you to this page of the CA guide Ethical, Moral, or Philosophical Objection.

The one thing you might have going for you is if the GM and or the business is no longer there .. You might be the only one at the hearing.

Now, I'd like to ask a question. Did you quit? Or did the employer present you with papers to sign because you were again objecting to the 16 days and now voicing your distate for the sexual harassment you witnesses??????

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