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Under investigation because switched from one part time job to another.

by Kristy
(Springdale, AR)

I live in Arkansas and I was laid off July 2009. The only employment I have been able to find is part time work. I was driving 25 miles both ways to and from the part time job. I found another part job less than 2 miles from my home, that paid the same as the other part time job, so I switched jobs. Not only will I be saving on gas every week, there is a possibility that it will go full time eventually. So no brainer, it was benefically to me to switch jobs. Now I am under "investigation" because I quit a job. I feel I had a good reason to switch jobs. Apparently there is a rule that if you leave one job to start another job, you have to do it in the same week. This was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day), my last day to work at the first job was Thursday. I didn't start the other job till Tuesday because Monday was a holiday and I couldn't start that Friday, because the people that would need to train me were on vacation. Do you think they will rule in my vary or do you think I will have to fight this?

Hi Kristy,

Hmmm. Let me ask this question. Why didn't you finish out the week at the job you quit .. could it be because you weren't scheduled? Or were they closed on Monday?

Honestly, just trying to help. And see if we can make some common sense out of that rule.

They really do evaluate each case on it's own merits .. so I don't think that rule carries much reason for existence except to stop people from taking a few days, maybe even a week or two vacation in between jobs and collecting total UI benefits in the interim.

The system is set up to foil those who cheat, but the reality is that those same rules can cause even a person who is trying their best to improve their financial picture and therefore disconnect themselves from the need to collect inadvertently, get caught in the laid snares.

I don't know what they will decide, but please let me know. And all I can say is .. I would fight it if what happened is all that could have happened.

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Jul 03, 2010
Under investigation because switched from one part time job to another.
by: Kristy

As each job is a part time job, the days scheduled at the one that I left were Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I did not work Fridays. My days at the other job are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I didn't work Monday at either job. Besides Monday was a holiday and both places had that day off. I gave a two week notice, even though the new place wanted me to start right away. I did not want to leave the first place hanging, as I was right in the middle of a project and I wanted to finish it before I left. My boss at the first job called me twice the week after I left to ask how to do something and I helped him out. So, basically I went from one job, right to the other. I did not have any extra days off. I feel like I'm being penalized because I want to work. If I hadn't worked at all I would still be drawing unemployment because I would have gotten the extension because my first tier of unemployment would have ran out sooner. But because I worked part time I banked my pay and it lasted longer and I was one week shy of getting the extension. Now, if they reinstate the extension, I've got this investigation going on, which is totally unfair. I feel I would have been better off not working the part time jobs. I'm currently making less than I was drawing unemployment alone.

I have a degree in Graphic Art, so I'm in a specialized field and it's been very hard to find anything full time. I'm either over qualified or they want someone with a Masters instead of a BA. I have 17 years of experience in this field. The office I worked at closed and their was about 45 people laid off. I've never drawn unemployment till now. I've worked since I was 14 years old. I'm not trying to get a handout. I'm just trying to get by till I can find something full time. I want to work!

Hi Kristy,

Most everyone wants to work, but as I said .. this system is set-up to be more concerned about those willing to game the system.

If they issue a determination stopping your benefits .. appeal it. You really don't have anything to lose and the "facts" are relevant.

One additional question for you to consider. That the UI dept. might ask.

Before you quit the job, did you ask them if they might be able to accommodate the schedule of the other job by offering you other days?

And here's another question .. did you look into the Arkansas definition of "suitable work"?

There might possibly be something there for you to work with also.

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