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Understanding Partial Unemployment in CA

by Myra


I was just recently told by my employer that I will be working part-time instead of full-time, 40 hours to 28 hours a week. I was on a salary base and now am told I will be on a hourly base. On salary we get paid for 86.76 hours. How and do all these things factor in? I have seen previous post on your page, but am still a little confused on how it works and to determine if I am eligible.


If you will now be working 28 hours a week .. you can file a claim for partial benefits.

The state will look at your base period wages, then determine what your WBA for total unemployment would be.

When you file your continued claim for each week you will be reporting the gross amount you earned for that week (shouldn't be hard to do now that you will be hourly) the state expects you to report how much you earned when you earned it .. not when you are paid for it.

If you earn less than your WBA the state performs their "formula" and ta-dah .. you'll get a benefit amount for the difference so you'll always at least be receiving with a combination of earnings and benefits .. your WBA for total unemployment.

The Chartbook with all the formulas is linked to on the page about unemployment pay

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