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undesirable conditions and being made to lie

by LG

After a 7 yr job (plant closed)The original deal was that I work in this position to train into the next position up. ( someone was retiring) I hated every day I was there due to the fact that the office was filthy, the bathrooms were uncleaned and the faucets actually had rags wrapped around them because they leaked brown water. There was no drinking water there. The place was not cleaned once since I started working there. There were also missing windows in the warehouse, where I worked a lot and it was freezing back there.

I had to answer the phones at this job and vendors would call for payment and the owner would tell me to tell them he would pay by a certain date and then he would not always do it. Which to me meant he was making me a liar. He also would get irate with me every time I would relay the message to him that someone called looking for money. (like it was my fault)
The owner was very anti-Obama and had various propaganda all of the offices. It was very embarrassing when people would come into the office. He would have anti-Obama conversations with anyone and everyone who came in.
Over all it was an extremely uncomfortable place to work, I never knew when his temper was going to fly off. The last straw was when I called in for a bad snow day and he jumped all over me. I could not take his anger anymore so I went in the next day and left my resignation and the key. I felt so intimidated by him that I did not want the confrontation of telling him in person.

Hi LG,

As far as unemployment benefits are concerned, I have addressed many times why just up and quitting is a mistake that sometimes can't be undone and is why you it is first so important to stake steps or at least make efforts to alter intolerable working conditions.

I don't say it is impossible for someone in your situation to get benefits .. but I do say that the way you quit has the tendency to make it at the least .. very difficult.

You do have your list of grievances, but you did not provide anything substantial to tell me if you had discussed any of these grievances with your boss in an effort to correct them or "preserve your job".

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience they can share about how they received unemployment for a situation similar to this?

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