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undue stress

by Leslie
(Southfield, MI)

My workplace laid off half of it's workers and then cut pay for the rest of us. There is far too much work to complete with the staff available, but they are not hiring anyone. My job duties have changed radically and I was told that I had to do the new duties on top of my old ones or quit. I have since developed severe anxiety, tension headaches, and stomach problems. I am now on several medications to manage the various symptoms that my increasing stress at work is causing. I want to quit. I feel that this job is slowly killing me, body and soul. Do I have recourse? I am in Michigan, have been with the company for over 5 years now, never had a write up, and all absences were backed with doctor's notes. I feel my physician will be willing to give me a recommendation to quit. Unemployment is necessary or I will be homeless. Do I have a chance?

Hi Leslie,

You know that you are not alone in this situation of feeling like your job is killing you with stress. It's so common .. it's frightening.

You must pursue the medical need to quit and it must be attributable to the employment.

Michigan does not have a provision which allows a VQ for a worker's illness.

But if a person can prove that the health related issues are due to the work .. then the usual element that requires the quit must be attributable to the work .. can potentially be fulfilled.

Here is the MI precedent decisions

Wynne (Michigan Department of Social Services 10.53 may be of particular interest to you.

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Apr 04, 2010
In Response
by: Leslie

Thanks for the post and response! You've given me some hope for sure. I'm working with several doctors now to get my documentation in line. Another question though: I have discussed this issue with my managers more than once but nothing came of it. The "policy" at my work though is that you never can get anything in writing from them. They like to have discussions behind closed doors. These encounters tend to make me worse and are humiliating. I really am not going to be able to prove anything I have said to them. Will this work against me in my case?

Hi Leslie,

That's why I always recommend documenting your own employment.

Apr 13, 2010
by: Leslie

OK.. I got all of my Doctor slip ducks in a row... Now to see if they fight my claim. I'm betting they will. Crossing fingers and toes that the state sees it my way!

Hi Leslie,

Yup, it's a safe bet, but at least you have your ducks in a row:) That's half the battle taken care of.

May 13, 2010
by: Leslie

It took a month, but I have just received my first unemployment payment! I was approved because the employer changed my work duties without my agreement.

Hi Leslie, Good to hear back from you :)

When I read this I stood up and did a little dance around my desk chair .. Way to go!!!


Jul 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Help me please. My job at JJ was unbearable. I am bipolor and had to increase meds, was having panic attacks and was written up for telling the bosses that I would no longer put "my spin" (Lie) to the clients. I was offered another position and jumped at it. The job was delayed due to building code violaitons and was on permanent hold. I did start with the new job 6 months later (at a lower rate. There was severe money issues and was let go 3 months later. I applied for benefits and was denied for the previous employer and they are saying that I left for no reason and have appealed this. can anyone give me advice


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