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Unemployed and moving from California to Michigan

by Ken
(Southern California)

I am currently living in California collecting unemployment. I am not able to maintain a residency because of lack of funds so I may have to move back to Michigan. Do I have to register for Unemployment in Michigan, or just give Sacramento my change of address to Michigan? Or...Do I lose my unemployment benefit if I move from one state to another?

No, moving from CA to MI won't cause it .. although it might if it were reversed because MI does have a "locality provision" which includes looking at the labor market and opportunities for work in your labor markets in the new area.

Just change your address and do all the other things you should do according to California's instructions. This probably includes registering through Michigan for work and following their work search requirements.

And remember that the time you are moving may cause you not to be able and available for work .. so don't fudge the truth when filing a continuing claim for benefits for that week.

God forbid you give CA an excuse to stop your benefits.

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Jun 29, 2010
Unemployed and moving from California to Michigan
by: Ken H

Thank you for your response. I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that. Now as for me not being ready and able to work, I am online submitting my resume, so as long as I am submitting my resume and available for phone interviews even if I am on the road... I should still register that week as not being ready and able to work? Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'm glad you appreciate my comments, and you have drawn the distinction many don't and that is the difference between what able and available for work means and seeking work.

Being on stand-by to drop whatever you are doing and go to work is impossible to do if in a plane, train or automobile while in transit from CA to MI.

If you have any doubts about what CA means by able and available .. see the CA benefit determination guide.

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