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Unemployed and thinking about going to school online.

by Anonimo
(New Jersey - South)

Hi...I live in New Jersey but collect unemployment from New York State where I was employed. do I figure out which state's regulations I have to go by to see if I can go to school while collecting. I live two hours away from New York City so should I go to my local unemployment office which is in New Jersey???? I'm looking to totally change that a factor? HELP


Yes, I would go to your local employment office to find out how to proceed and ask those questions about which state programs and laws are relevant to you.

Usually, if you live in a state different than the one you are collecting from .. it's an interstate claim. I believe you should have been instructed to register with the NJ employment office for work, as this is a requirement in all states .. to register for work when you file a claim.

It is the state employment offices where you get information about school and training programs, as well as funding through grants and federal loans.

New Jersey

New York

I would have checked the comparison charts at the USDOL for any differences between NJ and NY when it comes to attending school and collecting benefits, but the site is down for an update from Nov 20th to Nov 22 .. just in case any of my links aren't working.

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