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Unemployed Mom with 2 kids in IL

by Mary
(Chicago, IL)

Hello, I have just been recently laid off of work. I am separated and have both my kids living with me. I have been looking into many options, and would like to return to school and get certified under a 2 year technical program. The unemployment benefits will be my life-line, but now as a single mom without an education, the jobs out there will not be enough to support my family. Will I be able to return to school and receive the benefits at the same time? What if I worked weekends and nights, would they still help me? I am not sure what the laws are here in Illinois, but I know that Obama has stressed for mothers to return to school. Can someone please offer some guidance?


Hi Mary,

Everyone and I mean everyone who is currently unemployed need to check into going back to school get the degree, certification, or whatever they need to become more marketable in this economy.

And I think the first and most logical place to start checking is with the state employment office.

State approved training can not only help pay for your education, but it may actually suspend the need to be able and available for work. State approved training is a possibility for almost everyone .. even if they aren't collecting unemployment benefits.

No matter what state a person is in .. here's a good place to start. CareerOneStops

Illinois State approved training

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