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Unemployed PhD


I'm graduating from my PhD program for which i do get paid a stipend. I don't have a job lined up yet, can i file for unemployment? I do have an income, but i'm also in school - it's a wired sorta school/job situation since it is a PhD.


I think the "wired" school/job situations can be a problem for some. At least when it comes to unemployment benefits.


Service by Students and Spouses of Students— FUTA excludes service performed in the employ of a school, college, or university by a student enrolled and regularly attending classes at such school. FUTA excludes service performed by a student’s spouse for the school, college, or university at which the student is enrolled and regularly attending classes, provided the spouse’s employment is under a program designed to give financial assistance to the student, and the spouse is advised that the employment is under such student-assistance program and is not covered by any UI program. Also excluded is service by a full-time student in a work-study
program provided that the service is an integral part of the program. The following table provides additional information about states’ legal provisions with respect to student employment.

Source - paragraph immediately preceding Table 1-6 in the Coverage chartbook at the State Law Comparison Guides.

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Feb 03, 2015
Ph.D. Blues
by: Anonymous

I have a Ph.D. in theology, plus solid history of publications and paper presentations. I have been rejected by 356 schools in a row. I keep track. I haven't given up trying but it's an awful market.

Feb 03, 2015
Reminded me about an article I recently read
by: Chris

When Way Closes

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