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Unemployment after being laid off

(Philadelphia, Pa.)

I was recently laid off after 13 years of employment. I will be applying for unemployment really very soon. The question that I have is, I was recently offered a position elsewhere, if I take the job and it doesn't work, (fired) can I still receive unemployment from the previous job?


Not if the discharge is disqualifying. Whether you get benefits or not is always decided on the separation from the most recent work.

So for example, let's say you file for unemployment before you take this job. You will be qualified because you were laid off, but if you take another job anytime after you file .. you are then again employed and to reopen your existing claim and access those benefits you were entitled to becomes dependent on the last separation from a job.

If you simply don't file and take the other job .. same thing. The separation must be qualifying and if it is the benefits from the layoff will follow because it was also a qualifying separation.

But if the separation from the most recent work is for a disqualifying reason .. no benefits .. even though the layoff was qualifying.

An alternate scenario is if you quit the job you will be laid off from to take the other job. Be careful because then you have the possibility of also having a voluntary quit disqualification to purge in addition.

My advice, be very sure the offered job is suitable work .. I would question anyone concerned about being fired from a job they haven't even accepted yet as to whether it is "suitable work" for them.

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