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Unemployment after denied Long Term Disability.

by Cari
(Orlando, FL)

I have been out of work since August 2009 when I gave birth to my child. I was putting on a leave for mental disability shortly after in Oct and have been out of work ever since. I was collecting short term disability, but that ran out after 180 days and was extended to long term in Feb 2010. My doctors still have not realized me to go to work, but the LTD company will not extend my benefit past 3/31/10 and I have not been paid since. The dr and I are filing an appeal, but I have not been paid in 2 months, am not working for my employer as they require a release and the dr won't provide one. Am I able to collect unemployment since I am not technically collecting any disability and I'm being denied return to work without release.

Hi Cari,

Unemployment benefits become possible to collect only after you are deemed "able and available for work".

A discussion about collecting unemploymnt is therefore moot until ..

1. Your employment has ended.

2. Your doctor releases you to go back to work.

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