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Unemployment and having a baby

by Lia

I was wondering if it would be possible to collect unemployment if I was automatically fired due to not being able to return to work beyond 12 weeks because I am unable to work the hours required by my employer since having my baby. Hours are from 8am-7:00p and a possiblity to stay until 8pm...then they transfered me to a store 45 min away on top of it. There is no one in this area that will do daycare for those hours. Also because I am a Manager I must work most all those hours plus every other Saturday or more if someone calls off.

Please Help..Thank you


I can't help you. You can only help yourself by documenting what the problem is with the employer.

I honestly don't think it would be considered a discharge by the unemployment department, right away, but a voluntary quit .. unless you can show that the employer actually acted in an unreasonable way and basically prove you had no choice, but to quit. I am not certain what distance MO considers excessive when it comes to quitting due to travel and distance to work, but all states have varying precedents which speak to substantial changes in the conditions of hire.

Check FMLA guidelines.

Check EEOC's guides on Pregnancy discrimination.

Check Missouri statute.

And by all means, since you live in Missouri and it is one of the five "attorney only" states I suggest you check timslaw.

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