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Unemployment and School

by Derell
(Little Rock Ar USA)

I live in the state of Arkansas and I was terminated from my job because I was arrested on a DWI charge, The company I worked for fired me because I did not inform them until three weeks later about the DWI,when I went to court the charge was dismissed due to me not being over the legal limit. I filed for unemployment on July 21,2010 and I was denied,I had my hearing about twelve weeks after I opened my claim, however I was still denied, now I'm in the process of appealing the decision I'm seeking employment on a daily basis but I have been unsuccessful as far as finding a job, I would like to go to school to find a different career so I was wanting to know if I were to to school would I be entilted to unemployment benefits even though the appeal pending.

No, you would not be entitled to "unemployment benefits" unless the decision is reversed.

But, do not confuse weekly unemployment benefits based on a "job separation" with the other benefits that pass through a state agency that often all under the main name of the "Employment Security" division.

You can still try to qualify for grants for schools and training programs that offer more potential for finding a job and/or earning more money.

If you have not gone to college or do not have a bachelor's yet .. there's also loans from the government which might allow for a living expense stipend as well.

Not to mention scholarships ..

Receiving unemployment benefits is not necessary to take advantage of the other "employment programs" that any state offers because many of those programs are separate from the unemployment program and are funded by grants from the federal government to the states .. whereas unemployment benefits themselves are funded by employer paid taxes on employee wages.

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