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Unemployment Benefits denied after being fired. I think it was because I had recently been diagnosed with a medical condition.

by Michael Varnadoe
(Walterboro SC)

Fired after 9 years of service as a route sales driver (and sharing with my supervisor that I was recently diagnosed with ADD). Written up twice & then fired. 1st write-up was for "attitude" toward another coworker on the phone (never rec'd verbal warning before & explained that coworker provoked "attitude"). 2nd write-up was for police citation for leaving lift down on truck (safety issue). Submitted request for jury trial because not against state law (still not charged). Told this was a willful violation of company safety policy - couldn't produce a copy of the policy and told me "it was just common sense" & even though other drivers did the same thing, I was "the person caught doing this". 3rd incident was for reporting damage to cooler on my truck to mechanic before reporting it to my immediate supervisor & was blamed for the damage even though I have no idea how the damage occurred (had been previously repaired from damage that occured a couple of years ago & another supervisor had driven my truck a week or so prior to my discovering the damage). Filed for unemployment benefits & denied for willful misconduct & will appeal decision on denial.

Hi Michael,

You need to appeal. I would say your best bet would be to focus on the fact that after being employed for nine years with no disciplinary action that as soon as you "shared" with your supervisor your recent diagnosis the employer started down a course of action to eliminate you.

This is something best discussed with an attorney to fully understand, but because they are expensive .. why don't you try this site first There's lots of free information about workplace harassment including discussions about what an employer should not do in situations such as yours.

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