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Unemployment Benefits Department needs modification(s) and now!


I just wrote to my Senator regarding the nightmare that the office of Unemployement puts your through. The system needs to change now because people who live from paycheck to paycheck will not survive on this system. I have received shut-off notices from the utilities companies and received nasty notices from my other creditors. I haven't been able to pay anyone because I've been waiting for the Unemployment Office to send me a check. Granted, I applied for Unemployment on 11/09/2009 and I had my appeal on 1/18/10, and I won. I feel the system needs to change in order to help the individuals on Unemployment, and I'm asking all of you to please write to your Congressman! If we want change, we have to write to our Congress -- it's the only way. Thank you!

Here's are the changes I'm proposing:

-If your employer fires you without any written warning, and appeals your benefits, the Office of Unemployment should not stop sending you your check.

-If upon you winning your appeal, the Office of Unemployement needs to send that check to you within 24 hours.

-The one week wait period - needs to stop! The one week period that you do not get paid it's ridicules! It's okay when your former employer gives you a severance package, but if your former employer does not give you a severance check, this rule needs to be tossed in the garage. Who is this rule helping? It should isnt helping the people!


Hi There:)

You are so right, but I'd like to point out something you mentioned that Florida is not allowed to do.

They cannot stop sending you benefits if you were approved for benefits with a determination.

Before benefits are stopped .. the employer must win an unemployment hearing .. or the department must issue a redetermination denying benefits so you can appeal. Florida is getting away with a whole lot of very questionable practices.

And while we're talking about letting those who count on our votes .. know who's boss ..
Please!! send an email now to your senators about passing another unemployment extension They have to do this by FEB 19, or a great many of you will be Tee-totally screwed.

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Unemployment Offices Closed in PA
by: Nanlisa

Ten years ago, here in Pennsylvania, the state closed all of the unemployment offices as a cost-cutting move. They replaced them with Unemployment Service Centers, where you have to either call in or apply on line for your benefits.

It was a mess at first. The lines were constantly busy, you couldn't get through, and there were people who couldn't even speak English, but t did improve.

I was also skeptical about this at first. If I ever had to file for unemployment, who would I talk to if they closed up all the offices?

Before this happened, you had to go down to the unemployment office on your reporting day, which is determined by the last digit of your Social Security number. You had to fill out all the paperwork, see a representative, and they give you a date to come in for your Benefits Rights Interview to see if you're eligible. You go to your interview and if they find you eligible, the would put you in Mail Claim. This is when they would send you a form every week, fill it out, and return it to them. If you found a job, then you had to report your wages.

Since this change, you either call it in or go online, and to me it's much easier. But of course, if you have any questions, you can always call in to a representive at the Call Center.

Good luck to you in Florida, and hope that everything works out for you. Take Care.

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