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Unemployment benefits from a full time job, while having a part time job

by Mike


I was laid of from my full time job of 3 years, while working the 3 years at my full time job I have a part time job as well waiting tables. I was let go from my full time job and was told that I would receive unemployment benefits. Well when I went to the unemployment office they pulled up my file and it showed that I had a part time job as well, which isn't even a tenth of what I made at my full time job. The woman at the unemployment office said that was not a problem because the unemployment would be for my full time job. So I started receiving unemployment, which was only a quarter, if even that, of what I was making at my full time job. So after being on unemployment for only about eight months, I receive a letter in the mail stating that the unemployment benefits may have paid me too much, being that I had a part time job, which they knew about. Im 32 years old and have never had to be on unemployment in my life and the little money I did receive, now they are questioning. Could you please advise me on how to respond? Thank you so much for your help.


Hi Mike,

I need to ask you a question.

Did you report your earnings from the part-time job every week you filed for continuing benefits.

A brief explanation of how it should be working for you is .. your total weekly benefit amount should be based on your earning from both of the jobs, but you weekly benefit amount is more than likely being reduced to a partial amount due to the current earnings from the part-time job.

So, now, tell me why the state of Alabama is thinking that you may have been overpaid benefits .. I have my fingers crossed that you don't tell me you quit your part-time job or didn't know to report the earnings from it while claiming benefits.

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