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Unemployment denied, KY

I was employed for 5 1/2 years as a mortgage broker with the same company. My income steadly decreased due to the economy. The company only paid commission no min. wage or guarantee. I was not a 1099 employee. As of 4/3/09 my year to date take home had been $350.00. My house was in forclosure and my car was being repossed. After my last loan fell apart on closing day my boss suggested that I needed to regroup and I could file for unemployment while I looked for another job. After receiving 830.00 in benefits I received a letter from the unemployment office stating that I had voluntarily quit for personal reasons and need to repay the money. I want to appeal, the former boss said that he wanted me to receive the benefits, but now they are saying they can't reverse the info supplied by the office payroll clerk. What should I do?

Appeal. You will have your opportunity to explain at the hearing, but get the appeal in before the deadline.

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