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Unemployment extension and Contract work

by Shailey

I was laid off on 1/21/09 and currently on my second Federal Unemployment extension (ending in March 2010). My benefit year ended on 1/24/2010 and now new claim will be entered for me. I spoke with the IDES rep and he told me that there will be 3rd exetension (for 13 weeks) once I exhaust the second one and then I will be eligible for the State Benefit for additional 20 weeks.

I have been confirmed for a 6 months contract position today. This will be an hourly position on W-2. If this role doesn't get extended after 6 months, Can I reopen my claim and get the same amount of Unemployment or will that be considered as a new claim?

Hi Shailey,

I can only tell you what I think will happen because how I think the extensions are supposed to work and emails I receive appear to be in opposition at times.

Here's what I think.

Once the new or 2nd benefit year is established and then if the contract for work is not extended, you should be able to reopen this 2nd claim before it ends in January of 2011 and pick up any extension balance. If you are able to exhaust that before the end of the year, you could get the next extension they are talking about.

Since I don't know much about extensions, I suggest a visit to National Employment Law Project (NELP) and while you're there sign the petition.

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