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Unemployment Extension - July 4, 2010

by Chris -

I woke up early this morning, grabbed the paper off the porch, made a pot of coffee and then sat down to read the paper.

The headline read: Jobless losing safety net as stimulus funds run out, benefits will end for millions unless Congress acts.

If you're unemployed, you probably, already knew this.

But maybe, the headline was intended for those comfortably oblivious to this fact because they still have a job.

Well, give them time because if congress doesn't act .. to extend benefits all the money spent on extensions to date will be for nothing.

If you haven't already, please get involved. Add your voice to the others who are trying to get the attention of those who believe that squabbling over political party ideologies is what being a politician is.

You can call (202)224-3121 to reach your members of Congress or you can email them.

Please join me with me and NELP to let them know that they must act with "urgency" to extend unemployment benefits.

They have been dragging their feet since June 2.
That is a month too long people.

Nelp provide a very nicely worded email, but I always add my own personal comments before the text of that message. It just makes me feel better:)

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