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Unemployment from first job?

Hi, I am about to be laid off from this company I've worked 3 years for. I have looked for other jobs and found one already. My question is, if they decide to let me go (since there is a probational period) after 2 months, will I be able to collect unemployment from my previous job?


Again, the same answer, but just in a different way .. It depends on whether an employer can convince the unemployment department that you were let go for "MISCONDUCT". That is the only reason that must be proven by an employer when they fire someone. The problem is that they so often try to make it appear so, when in fact there isn't misconduct in the true sense of what I understand unemployment laws imply that to mean.

The problem is that some states .. allow one of these "subsequent employers" to protest when and if you ever have to file for a second benefit year to protest at that time.

The result is that many people get these damn "overpayment notices" for all the benefits they collected based on different employment because that subsequent employment took place in the first benefit year.

I mean it sincerely, when I say ignorance of the complexities, created by the variances in the way a state is allowed and chooses to implement a federally mandated program .. can cause You, me, everyone, problems .. maybe not right now, but why don't we ask those who have received an overpayment notice if they really, understand why they received it. Did they all intentionally commit unemployment fraud? I doubt it.

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