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Unemployment in Indiana

by Amber
(Bloomington, IN)

My husband worked for a company where he had to manage product inventory. He took off 5 days to be at the hospital with me while we had our first child. When he went back, he was suspended for 2 weeks while they "investigated" a discrepancy in his inventory. His boss found a mistake in his inventory and turned him in. We don't know if his boss had someone else double check him - it is basically his word against my husbands.

After a 2 week suspension without pay, they let him go with out any write ups or warning because he had signed a document stating that he could be terminated for inventory mistakes.

However, they also stated that he was being fired for not asking for help when he needed it, although the handbook also states that he was to have one-on-one meetings with his direct supervisor each week to talk about help he might need and the meetings never occurred.

Now after almost 10 weeks of unemployment- the company is now trying to fight it by saying he was fired with just cause. I am a little confused as to what this means. This national major company are assholes in my book - who fires someone right after they have a newborn baby?

Hi Amber,

Well, first of all, they didn't fire him because you and he just had a baby.

I would love to hear from people who have a benevolent employer, but they probably don't need a website like this one.

The employer has appealed. They have that right. It's a shame that it has taken 10 weeks of benefits for the state to notify you that the employer is appealing because if the initial determination is reversed it would create an overpayment.

Is it a hearing notice? Or just a notice of appeal filed?

I do help people prepare for hearings.


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