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unemployment in north carolina if you are unable to work due to medical reasons

I have been on FMLA for the past 10 weeks. It seems the injury I sustained will not be going away anytime soon. This injury was not due to work, it involved a car accident in 2008. When I get to the 12 weeks my employer will be able to let me go, but I will be unable to collect unemployment because I physically won't be able to do a job. Is this a correct assumption?? If that's the case what options do I have? I have a family to care for, is there anything else I can do??


Your assumption is correct. You must be able and available to work. This is a basic eligibility requirement for collecting unemployment, unless you worked in a state that has temporary disability unemployment .. and NC is not one of those VERY FEW states that do have a program like this.

I do not profess to know anything about any other kind of governmental assistance.

I do know about the one that resides inside your cranium and the two that are attached to the ends of your wrists and those bodily parts seem to be working in your favor.

When I decided to start this website .. I was in the same kind of predicament. The only place I knew to look for help was myself.

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Sep 30, 2010
A fee for FMLA papers??!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I was out for 4 weeks because I had surgery. My doctor wanted $150 to fill out my FMLA papers. Ridiculous!!! Employers require this paperwork for one to go back to work. How can patients pay such a fee after already being out of work? Craziness!!!!

That's a new one on me and I'm not sure of whether they can charge for this or not.

You might check the FMLA guidelines.

Jun 14, 2010
New Issue
by: Anonymous

Originally my job notified me on 6/2/10 and said that I had two days to turn in my FMLA paperwork. I thought that was totally unreasonable because the first time they didn't ask for the FMLA paperwork until I came back to work. I emailed them and told them that hopefully the paperwork would be in next week. Immediately I went to my doctors office and dropped off my paperwork to be filled out on 6/3/10. I then recd a email from my HR stating that they would give me to 6/11/10 to turn my paperwork in or they would consider it a voluntary resignation. I then recd a call from my doctors on 6/6/10 telling me that I had to pay $10 fee before they get started on the paperwork. I asked them if the paperwork would be done by the 11th and they said it's a possibility. So I waited for the 11th to come by and my paperwork wasn't finished. I notified my HR dept on the 12th that it hasn't come in yet and that hopefully would be in next week. I find out today from a co-worker, she asked me if i quit. I said no, and she said my boss said that I sent in my resignation and he accepted. I did no such thing at all. I'm furious!!!!!! I read somewhere that this was illegal to do because I was in the process of getting my paperwork filled out. I have all the paperwork to prove this.

Any advice???

Yes, you need to checkout the "FMLA guidelines" at the USDOL .. I have links to it all over this site.

You can use a searchbox to find some of them.

I seem to have 15 days stuck in my head as the amount of time an employer has to give a person to turn in their FMLA paperwork.

But here is the part I don't get .. since when do doctors charge patients to fill out the paperwork?

And one more question .. why would you wait to call the employer on the 12th, if they had told you the paperwork needed to be in by the 11th.

Now you have no way to argue that you stayed in contact with the employer before that deadline and kept them well informed of the difficulties your physician was creating for you.

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