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Unemployment nightmare

I was horrified when I had to leave my position for multiple reasons as permanent only to find more horror when I was told I couldn’t return to my sub position. How do you not qualify for a job you recently held for several years and was specifically hired for and was assured I could return back to is where I’m at today. I applied for my unemployment finally and was told I have a phone interview scheduled soon to verify the reason I left my job. It was a variation of reasons however I chose the closest at the time. I’m not sure how this interview will turn out because I truly need my benefits so that I can get the money I need to get the additional documents I need in order to get my job back. Any advice would be great thanks in advance


I'm sorry it's been a nightmare .. however I really don't know at this point how, or what you need advice about, because you didn't tell me much of anything about the actual cause for separation, which is how I identify who has the burden of proof and would also serve to inform me what the focus of the questions would be during your eligibility phone interview.

This is not to say you shouldn't just send me an email which includes the details you offered above (basically, so I can identify it's you asking again. I'd be happy to respond with my phone number, that way you can call me and I can finally ask you about those details you left out, so I might try to offer you something in the way of helpful advice about how you might manage your unemployment claim.


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