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Unemployment on hold - Indiana

by Kat
(Indianapolis, IN)

I lost my job in May of this year and immediately filed for unemployment, for which I was approved. At the time of my initial claim, I was in school for my Master's degree and I answered as such on my initial claim form.

As of last week, I am now un-enrolled (just taking off this 8 week session) from my Master's program.

When I filed my claim today (Sunday, 8/21/11), I answered "NO" to the questions "Are you enrolled in school or an approved training program?"

Now my claim is delayed based on "Approved Training" and I want to know why.

I have been job searching every week since losing my job, had several interviews since May, but nothing has panned out.

I really want to know why my not going to school would delay my claim for this week.

Hi Kat,

That, I cannot answer. I am in fact wondering myself why unemployment departments all across this nation are employing the practice of suspending benefits to do an investigation to determine continuing eligibility on just about any issue that can come up.

I'd love to know. Maybe it was a mistake .....

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