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Unemployment plus social security benefits. Can you collect unemployment and social security?

by jeanene
(littleton colorado)

I have worked as a clinic aide at a jefferson county colorado school for 5 years. I was told yesterday they have no funds to keep me I did a good job. I draw social security 651 a month I am 71 able and willing to work. Can I draw unemployment in colorado till I find a job?

Hi Jeanene,

You lucked out. Colorado used to reduce weekly unemployment benefits by up to 50 percent due to receipt of social security benefits.

They changed their law last year and now DO NOT reduce unemployment benefits due to social security benefits.

This is a concern for many people and I have answered the question many times.

But since we are now in 2010 and some states made changes last year.

I thought I would again show everyone where they can find this information, regardless of what state they live in.

After clicking this link you will need to click the current year .. then the Nonmonetary Eligibility link and then go to Table 5-17.

Can you collect unemployment and social security?

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Jun 14, 2016
Can you claim social security and unemployment in Colorado? NEW
by: Anonymous

The comments were from 2010. It appears you can draw social security and unemployment at the same time in Colorado however my concern is has the law changed for 2016? It directed me to Table 5-17 but there wasn't any information to clarify that point. Thank you.

May 12, 2010
I will make the best of it.
by: Anonymous

thanks for your last reply I have found out that everyday is a new evelution. I have contacted my union and other to help me get throught this. In the end I will probably find another job at the schools. This was a lay off ,but done in a dirty way to let a friend of the Principal keep her hours. I Found out out this is not leagal but is it worth it. Once everyone finds out your leaving you are tainted even from your best co workers. Jeannene I appreciate all the coments.

May 11, 2010
broken hearted I love kids
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the nice reply. My situation is strickly a budget cut, but they contrived a way to keep another girl in the office to do my job and lied to the county about it. I am suppose to recieve 2 letters of recomomondation. One from the Principal and one from my attending nurse. I did not get laid off because of bad work only a bad cut in dollars. It took five years to do the clinic in a good way and I'm great with the kids. but because I am 70 and not Mexican that is also on my mind thanks Jeannene

Hi Jeannene,

I know age is a factor in this economy and I know for a fact when an economic climate forces employer to make budget cuts .. the first ones they look at getting rid of are those that make the most money or who they think "don't really need a job .. unfortunately, those making the most money have usually worked the longest and by virtue of that they are older.

Not to mention an attitude that once you reach a certain age your overall value deteriorates because along with age "slowing them down" they believe we present "potential financial liabilities".

That's one of the reasons why EEOC complaints have shot through the roof.

Funny thing, even when I was young, the most inspiring people I met, had age on their side .. now it's just a detriment to most.

I have a friend who is 94 and happens to be one of the most spectacular men I have ever met in my life .. If only I were 30 years older .. and single:)

We live in a shallow society.

I know your broken hearted about not being able to care for the kids you love, but chin up Jeannene because there is no shortage in this country of kids who need your care and love ..

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