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Unemployment programs for recent graduates?

by John Sackman
(San Diego, CA)

I recently graduated with an MFA degree in Florida. I moved to California to find work, but I am still unemployed. I was never fired or laid off. Are there any unemployment benefits, either in California or through the US Gov for college graduates looking for work? Any info would be great.


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Oct 04, 2009
Student Loan
by: Chris

Hi John,

I am only aware of government programs that offer assistance for student loan debt for unemployed college grads. Deferment, consolidation, trade 10 years of your life - we'll pay part of your student loan type programs.

It seems to me that a degree is an advantage which could be used to apply for government grants.

Jobs are scarce and it appears that government money is given to those willing to use their education to create jobs.

I did some looking around. I started at the DOL Employment and Training Administration.

There are so many paths to wander, I became a bit overwhelmed. I also paid a visit to the EDD. It was just another doorway to explore a huge amount of information.

No wonder there are so many offering to disseminate the information.

I knew when I started looking around that there would be no unemployment benefits available for unemployed college grads without enough qualifying wages in employment and a qualifying separation from employment. Your question related that you had not been fired or laid off, so I assumed you either hadn't worked or that you quit to move to CA. Both would be bad news.

But opportunities abound for those willing to explore and pursue a new goal, funded by a grant.

You could start your own Non-Profit.

It might not be the usual 9-5 type job, but if I was an unemployed possessor of a Master's of Fine Arts degree, you can bet I would be investigating if there were suitable grants to apply for.

I read somewhere recently that there is huge potential in becoming a "grant writer" and the stimulus is creating new grants everyday.

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