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Unemployment when fired for unauthorized badge access while on suspension

by dennell
(marietta, georgia, usa)

I got fired for unauthorized badge access while I was suspended.I had never been suspended before and your badge is supposed to be deactivated when suspended anyway. To take it further my employer added writes-ups from previous years to make me qualify for suspension. I recently filed unemployment and my employer appealed my benefits. They also tried to offer me a 4 week check but only if I'd say that I resigned for health issues. What do I do?

Hi Dennell,

I think you should have taken the four week severance. I don't think you would have been able to get unemployment though if you had written a letter stating health reasons because, if I remember correctly, Georgia's statute says medical documentation would need to be provided, but you might have been able to if your resignation included the reasons you disagreed with the employer's suspension and the information about what they wanted the resignation letter to state.

Now, you are faced with a discharge for a rule violation that I'm sure doesn't require that you be warned it's wrong to do before they actually fire you.

A suspension is a suspension .. it may or may not result in a decision to terminate for the reasons you were suspended, but that has all been superseded by "unauthorized access while on suspension".

It really doesn't matter they did not deactivate your card. Maybe it was a set-up???? because they thought you would do it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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