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Unemployment While Ending A Job -- in Florida

by Alex T

If my boss and I are ending on good terms and he is choosing to fire me but I am willing enough to stay on for a week or two until he finds a replacement....can I file for unemployment now. Giving them the date at which my job will be ending and this way we get all the "appeals" and things out of the way ahead of time and I can start collecting from day one of no job? Also...since I'm doing this to be nice (clearly) I'd expect him NOT to contest the unemployment...even though he has no case he can still delay things and make a hassle and maybe even out of pure luck or connections he gets OUT of this after I do a nice thing for him--I don't want that to happen. So it would also allow me to see him NOT argue any points. I mean I will be fired at date X that he and I agree on...but do I have to wait if I know that's the end result?

Clearly if I kept the job I wouldn't collect, but I'm not staying there so that wont matter much.

Didn't know if anyone can help in this situation...I'm in FL by the way--thanks!!!!

No Alex. You cannot file for unemployment before your job ends.

In addition, everyone who gets unemployment in Florida must serve a one week waiting period before they start getting paid. This doesn't mean you'll get your first check the week after either. It means your first week of unemployment you will not receive anything.

You'll only get unemployment if the state decides the circumstances surrounding your separation from the job are qualifying.

Unemployment including making a claim for it is a matter of due process. You will have to do it just like everyone else. Your employer will be given the opportunity to respond to anything you tell the state and he will definitely be able to appeal if he so chooses to.

Your boss does not decide whether you get benefits and you cannot stop or alter the process.

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