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Unfair Standards Held for One Instructor Over Another and Mistreatment By a Superior

by Amy

Many things have happened...I will chronologically place them

In April 2008 I was hired as a high school instructor for Joliet Job Corps. I was required to get 5 high school diplomas a month on my own until August 2008 when I was then required to get 7 high school diplomas a month. At the time I was the only high school instructor. At the end of May I had a asst. teacher who worked part-time to help with grading student work only.

In August 2008 the goal was raised to 7 high school diplomas per month. This is a nearly impossible goal to reach without ethical standards being erased (let students cheat or do the work for the students) something I will not ever do!!

From August to Oct/Nov. the assistant teacher was going through thinks psychologically. He had an ill spouse had unpredictable abscences and was not helpful during this time, absent and then, worked even less hours. Leaving at lunch 11:30 a.m. The goal of 7 High school diplomas per month stayed without the help from an assistant.

In October/November of 2008, Joliet Job Corps threw around the idea of a second high school classroom. During that time a second instructor was hired. The goal remained the same- 7 high school diplomas per month (between the two classrooms). The other instructor was never held to the same standard as I was.

In December of 2008 I slipped and fell in a hallway at work where there was a leak in the ceiling severely injuring my foot and developed CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). When I returned from temporary total disability in April 2009, I was presented with a CAP- A warning/improvement plan that must be followed or I would receive a final warning and then to be fired. In this CAP the Career Education Manager lied and stated that my goal was to obtain 7 high school diplomas every month since my start date even with the other instructor I was still held accountable for all 7 high school diplomas. She held me accountable for the four months that I was not there in which the achievements were abismal-one month only achieving 1 high school diploma (February 2009).

From April 2009 and on I felt very mistreated due to my injury. I rebuttled the CAP to no avail. Because of the CAP I received no incentives for the dept.'s hard work and no pay increase. This CAP was unjustly served. In May/June 2009 the goal for the 2 high school classrooms was changed from 7 high school diplomas to 4 high school diplomas per classroom. I was no longer being held accountable for all 7 high school diplomas per month. Again, the other instructor was never held to the same standard.

In the meantime I have still been struggling with my injury. I work sometimes long hours in an increasingly stressfull environment which is not conducive to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Weather changes and cold weather affect my foot...etc.

I have dealt with all of these things voicing my opinion and concern the entire way with very little concern given for me as an employee. In December of 2009, a new Deputy Center Director took second in managing the center. She does not back up her staff. She talks down to them in front of the students and strips the authority away from the teachers in front of the teachers' students.

At the
end of February an incident happened in my classroom. A student (ages 16-24- Underprivileged youth) was asked several times to lift their head and to do their work. This student refused. I told the student as I have done before in my classroom...that if they didn't lift their head they would have a few drops of cold water on their neck. I did not know that when I was helping another student with their work that said student had gotten up to retrieve a full glass of water. Said student put her head down again. A student sitting next to her informed me that said student had her head down and that I should get the water ready. I told this student I shouldn't have to do that because said student is grown and needs to realize her education is important because no one else will. Said student said to get the water and to put it on her neck because she wasn't going to get up. So when I went over to her with the trickle of water for her neck she stood up and threw a full glass of (ice-cold) water in my face (literally). Said student was asked to leave my classroom. My other students came to the rescue with paper towels and tissues to sop up their wet teacher. The Deputy Center Director stomped into my classroom yelling at me in front of my students and removed me from my classroom without taking consideration for what just happened stripping away what little authority we have over our students.

She continued to yell at me in the Career Education Managers office (my superior) in front of the student. Nothing happened to said student. She wasn't asked to apologize and was placed back in my classroom. Said student was spreading rumors once going back to my classroom (I was still in the office getting yelled at), said student was alledgedly telling my class that "I was getting treated like I should get treated and that I am learning no to F--K with this B----H"! My superior agreed with everything the Deputy Center Director stated until the Deputy Center Director walked out of the room. I received no support from my superior. Needless to say, it was extreme circumstances that led me to later that evening write my letter of resignation. I only sent it to my superior. Without trying to work things out or to talk to me, she gave it to the Deputy Center Director who told my superior not to worry about talking it over with me to keep me because it was final regardless (this is not the case). My superior did not talk to me until over a week had passed after my resignation letter. In the meantime, other people had come to me including the Center Director. In my exit interview I explained the mistreatment I was receiving and the unfair standards they had in place for me but did not hold the other instructor accountable for the same goals.

Regardless, my last day is March 11th 2010. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits due to mistreatment and unfair goals presented to me but not the other high school instructor.

Hi Amy,

Maybe .. if you can prove the disparate standards.

Personally, I think you should speak to an attorney quickly, because some of the employers actions sound slightly retaliatory. You might be better off trying to negotiate a severance.

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