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Unhappy but employed in oregon.

(Gresham, Oregon)

I live in Oregon.I have been employed with this employer for nine years. My husbandhas been unemployed and just took a job with a home base that is located 3 hrs from home.He has been working now for 6 months. If I quit my job to start the relocation process to be with my husband and for family to be together will I be able to get unemployment while I relocated and search for a job in that area?

Hi Anonymous,

I think I need April W. to help answer this question.

You should be able to collect, but April has a story to tell about this very subject and how Oregon has dealt with her.

I will direct you to the newly expanded statute in Oregon.

Oregon's revised statute onn quitting for personal compelling family reasons.

It's a lengthy document and you should read it thoroughly.

You must, must be careful to meet the compelling part.

Hopefully, April is still reading some of the new stuff.

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