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United Airlines Found in Violation of the Americans with Disability Act

by Chris -

When an employer is found to of been non-compliant with any employment law, the settlement paid should serve to keep other employers from making the same mistakes.

But knowing what an employer isn't supposed to do can also help employees see when one of their rights might be being stepped on.

Employees might learn too, they literally have more strength in numbers, when they stand on common ground to fight for a principle of employment law .. that often can only protect us as individuals when we first inform those required to be compliant with law and then those who enforce the laws .. so they can catch the employers who choose to act intentionally to harm the best interest of any of it's employees.

United Airlines has agreed to pay over $1 million for not making reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. If they had sincerely tried to adhere to law, they would of exhausted all options to allow these employees the opportunity to continue in the employment when they tried to preserve their jobs .. rather than forcing an individual employee into voluntarily quitting with proof of good cause for the booby prize of unemployment benefits.

Read more about disability discrimination at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

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