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unsafe working conditions

by TJ

In the shop that I work in there is an engineer that takes out a motorcycle from the shop and rides a distance from approx. 600 yards to get out the door. There are several people out in the shop that he passes by approx. 9 feet away. This person when passing the shop intersections which there are 2 of them does not slow, stop or sound the horn when passing through and the exhaust can be overwhelming for the workers. It has been brought to the attention at a safety meeting but still happens. Isn't this considered an unsafe working condition?

Well TJ,

I wouldn't appreciate the exhaust and I also think it would be unsafe, but whether it is good cause to quit due to an unsafe work environment to get unemployment .. I don't know .. I guess you could quit and tell me what happens.

But if it were me .. I'd give the employer another chance to halt this and if they didn't .. I'd report it to "someone" outside of the company that oversees safety in the workplace documenting all along.

Serves two purposes .. it will probably then stop the hazard from occurring .. and if they fire you for making an issue of it .. you'd have documentation to point to a different reason for being fired other than "misconduct".

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