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unsatifactory with work preformance

by Tangi Sands
(New Orleans)

I did a favor for another location I work over there for a morning shift 9am to 6pm there petty cash is $3000.00 I received $500.00 for a change order. That made the money now $3500.00 I had to leave to drop my friend off at work I left the store at 5:55 or almost 6pm. Minutes before the other manager walked in the door the office door was locked so the 2 employees could not get in the office where the safe and money is kept I came back to the store after I dropped my friend off to help them clean up the store and make sure it was clean for there shift. The manager on duty said ok thanks you can go we got it from here I'll do my shift change when the other employee gets here at 8pm I said ok so I left he store. The manager on that night shift did her count of the money she claims the money was $3000.00 which it was not it was $3500.00 so she assumed the money was $500.00 over and she took the money. The next day it was brought to her attention, then she put in her 2 weeks notice. I was later called into a meeting with my supervisor and his boss where I was written up for unsatisfactory work preformance this is what it said "didn't stay for shift change, didn't do misc deposit for change order, didn't change the vcr tape, leaving money on the desk and not in the safe. I was told by the boss if we can't find out money we are going to have to let you go. My wright up didn't have nothing about missing money on it so they had to find little things to fire me this was the 1st time I had been written up. I was told by one of the managers at that store that my shift did get recorded the tape stopped when the other manager was in the office and a new tape was put in in a matter of minutes. The misc deposit was susposed to be done long before the $500.00 change order came. I steped out for 5min if that, employees are left alone in the store for 30 even 45 min if the manager leaves to go get something to eat. I came back for the shift change she told me I could leave which means I am no longer responsable for the money or the shift. Money was in the office with the office door locked the olny people who had keys to the office whas the other manager and myself therefore the employess could not just walk in the office when I stepped out.

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