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U.S. Army wife.

by courtney

my husband is in the army and i would like to further my education as a single mom of two while he is gone over seas. Can i get help?

Hi Courtney,

Help me out Courtney.

I do like to talk with my fingers and even extend a conversation beyond the subject of unemployment benefits, but please be specific about from whom you are asking for help from .. because if it is the unemployment department ..

Being a US Army wife .. only carries a special privilege in some states and only because a state MIGHT say you have good cause to quit a job to follow a spouse to a different location if you are a military spouse.

And many states specifically require the spouse to be a military spouse for this good cause to apply.

So, I ask you .. Do you want to know if you can quit your job and go to school because of your status as a military spouse .. or are you just curious about programs to check out while you still have a job?

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