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Vacation while claiming benefits?

(NYS Unemployment Benefits)

i was on vacation to visit family out of state for a week. im wondering if i can still claim benefits if i have been applying for jobs during this time too. i have returned to NY and wasn't offered a job nor interview. the handbook doesn't mention anything about this but wanted to make avoid penalties before claiming.

another question, if i returned to NY on a sunday but have not worked the rest of the week, does the sunday substitute as a 'work' day? so when claiming i would select "1 day work"?

i looked on page 10 and 16 but didn't mention anything about making claims while on vacation and applying for jobs and haven't received any job interviews during the vacation period. i called the NYS service numerous times before going on vacation and upon returning but it was "extremely busy" and did not give me a chance to leave a message or a call back number. i will continue calling until this week is over but would like to claim something if possible.

thank you

Answer For: Vacation while claiming benefits?

I think I can make this answer fairly short .. which if you hadn't noticed .. is unusual for me.

I believe the reason the book doesn't mention or detail an answer to your question about claiming unemployment benefits while vacationing is because when someone is on vacation it's assumed they're not able and available to start work immediately if called.

The job search is a separate matter when a log is required to be kept by the state.

However, in all states you must be able and available to accept suitable work during any week you claim benefits.

You weren't available. By your own admission, you were out of state on vacation.


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